Photos  © Mieke Douglas 2018.

I am a Canadian and Dutch mother and photographer, living in London, in the UK. I like to photograph in the early morning, when things are quiet, and my mind is clear. 

I am fascinated by the ebb and flow of light and how it can be used, as a painter might, to envelop a scene in a cloak of atmosphere. My images are of unguarded, contemplative moments. They are often low key and moody.

I draw inspiration from the gorgeous light and rich, sombre colours used by the old Dutch Masters of the 17th century, to direct the eye of the viewer. I am also obsessed with their studied and powerful use of composition, often focusing on the bottom half of the canvas.

I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and of the Clapham Photographers' Collective.

My images have been exhibited with Putney School of Art, the Clapham Photographers' Collective and the Royal Photographic Society.

Some of my recent work can be seen on


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