Photos  © Mieke Douglas 2019.

Mieke is a Canadian and Dutch Fine Art Photographer, living in London. Her work questions relationships between people and nature by challenging issues of distance and intimacy. 

Her images offer a personal interpretation of intrinsic form, rather than narrative content or direct pictorial representation of a subject. Mieke’s work strips down the unnecessary and focuses on simple lines and moments of stillness.

She is inspired by the Abstract Impressionists’ abandonment of traditional ideas of composition and by the17th century Dutch Master Painters’ use of light, composition and colour to direct the eye of the viewer. She experiments with modern techniques to achieve these effects in a digital image. Her work moves between fact and fiction and constantly challenges the boundaries of photography and art.

Mieke’s images have been exhibited internationally in Paris, Rome, Rotterdam, Barcelona and London, including at the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2019. She has won numerous awards, most recently: Minimalist Photographer of the Year Open Category 2019, a Chromatic International Photography Award  and a British Photography Award 2019.

She is a member of the Royal Photographic Society, London Independent Photography, Photofusion, Shutterhub and of the Clapham Photographers' Collective. She is a contributor to Vogue Italia online.

Recent work can be seen at:

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